“Sophie Roberts is outstanding as she performs this richly detailed novel of two girls in decadent eighteenth-century Venice… In alternating chapters, Roberts sounds slightly breathless as the girls discover their mutual attraction and convincingly vindictive when things go wrong… Julia Fine’s lyrical prose borders on the poetic, while Roberts invests each girl with complicated emotions, allowing their confused feelings to permeate this sinister tale of love and magic.”

Review of Maddalena & The Dark (AudioFile Magazine 2023)

“I honestly cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the audiobook. You read it absolutely beautifully.  I think it’s one of the best things you’ve done.  Thank you, thank you again for being such a wonderful actress and allowing me to give you suggestions and directions.”

Sally Gardner, author of  The Weather Woman

Maddalena and the Dark is read by the remarkable Sophie Roberts. It’s truly delicious and beyond my aural dreams. May it suck you in and not let go.”

Julia Fine, author of  Maddalena and the Dark

“The narrator, Sophie Roberts, does the story a great justice and slathers 18th century dignity, haughtiness and male dominance like butter on hot toast.”

Audible Review of  That Bonesetter Woman by Frances Quinn

“The narrator was like an old friend. Lovely, enjoyable company. Really enjoyed it.”

Audible Review of  Space Hopper by Helen Fisher